About the Multilingual Library


About the Multilingual Library

It is a community library for:

foreigners living in the community

people with foreign roots

people who support foreigners

people learning foreign languages

Mission Statement about the Multilingual Library by the Representative

Mission Statement about the Multilingual Library by the Representative

In creating the Multilingual Library, we focused on the following points;

Currently, about 2% of foreigners live in Japan. The conditions under which such people can read books in their native language in a library and request books are still not well-established. Some of the foreigners may be isolated because they are unable to speak Japanese or English, etc. At the same time, people who were born and raised in Japan may be losing the opportunity to know the foreigners in Japan and to learn their cultures. In order to create a rich multicultural society in Japan where the population of foreigners is expected to increase further, it will be more important for the society to support cultures with languages other than Japanese.

On the other hand, there are Japanese people who are well versed in foreign languages and various cultures. People who have worked or studied abroad could be ambassadors who would show local children how to be active in the world.

However, in many areas of Japan, the conditions for these people to fully utilize and further improve their skills to help in establishing a multicultural society may have not yet been well-established.

Takamichi Nitta, the representative

Features of the Multilingual Library


It is the library, which connects people.

The book you requested may become an irreplaceable book for other readers. Books have the power to transcend individuals and connect people. Words and art also have the power to connect people.

We create connections with people through books, events, and study groups.


The whole city is as one library.

Rather than storing books in one large facility, the libraries can be found in various spaces in the city, such as cafes, supermarkets, public spaces, and other places of daily life. Also, by having a bulletin board on the bookshelf, it becomes a spot for transmitting information.


It is a library that connects to the world beyond the region.

We make use of the global network of each language. For example, a language only spoken by one person in a region should have many speakers outside that region.

We can collect books and hold events using the language network that spreads outside the region.


November 2018

Initial discussion for establishment

December 2021

Voluntary organization "Kitakyushu Multilingual Library" established

November 2022

Adopted as one of the grantees of the Mitsubishi Foundation + Central Community Chest of Japan offering "Support Activities for People with Roots in Foreign Countries"

May 2023

Became a supporting member of the Kitakyushu International Association

July 2023

Installed the bookshelf "Uzu House" and the outdoor bookshelf behind the bus stop "Moriya Jinja Mae"


in preparation


Aoki Momoka (Chinese and Korean)

Trần Thị Hoan (Vietnamese)

Ugo Lachapelle (English and French)

Enhrel Ganzorig (Mongolian)

Hashimoto Takaki (English)

Qu Wenchen (Chinese)