Bookshelves of Art

838-5 Takibe, Houhoku-cho, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, 759-5511

|Opening Hours: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

|How to Use: In the Bookshelves of Art, there are books of "Multilingual Bookshelf" and books from the Bookshelves of Art.

  • You can read books from the Bookshelves of Art in the facility or borrow them for one month.
  • To borrow books from the Multilingual Bookshelf, please write ① the title of the book you want to borrow and ② the name + contact information of the borrower. (Click "here" .)

|The curator and librarian, Hiroshi Hatano, who organizes the "Bookshelves of Art (One of the activity bases of the Kita-Koo Dream Road Executive Committee located at the former Sasao Shouten)," has a background working at institutions such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library.

  • He served as the Chief Researcher at the National Museum of Western Art, studied at the Pompidou Center Public Library on a scholarship from the French government, and was a professor at the Surugadai University's Faculty of Media and Information Studies. In 2023, he translated and published "Cultural Mediation" from the pocket-sized essay collection "Que sais-je?".

The Bookshelves of Art, curated by Mr. Hatano, contains 6,000 exhibition catalogs, introductory books on art appreciation, art picture books, 400 magazines, as well as movies, animations, and books related to France.

  • For the people in Takabe, Shimonoseki, a multilingual bookshelf in Khmer (Cambodian) is installed.
  • Please visit the Bookshelves of Art, which connects to the world, including France and Cambodia.

|Events: Regular events such as reading sessions and music events are held.

Book Requests can be made "here."
Book Donations are welcomed "here."